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Hot dip galvanizing

Hot dip galvanizing is the most effective method of protecting steel against corrosion for long periods of time and is the most popular because of corrosion protection provide triple protection:

1.Protection barrier - isolated substrate corrosive environment and low speed action of zinc corrosion ensure a long life and predictable;
2.Protection sacrifice - because of the potential electronegative zinc is consumed protecting areas where the steel is exposed due to cutting edges, drilling, scratching or as a result of handling on site;
3.In case of damage to large areas of expansion prevent rust undercover.

Hot dip galvanizing is a corrosion protection process which is done in order to prevent rusting (oxidation) steel. Heat galvanized metal object can be stored, transported and used in any weather natural air, water, or soil. In any of these conditions corrosion protection role of thermal hot-dipping is not affected. Instead, the aesthetic appearance of the deposit may change. Or white spots may appear in different shades, blossoms, shiny or matte surfaces etc. All such permission dip galvanized surfaces aesthetic changes occur due to triggering mechanism by which zinc protects the steel and prevents rusting (oxidation) thereof. Aesthetic appearance of thermal hot-dipping in recent years, is more strongly highlighted. It must be emphasized however that, first, hot dip galvanizing for corrosion protection acts. Changes aspect of galvanized surfaces may arise from multiple natural causes unrelated to the purpose for which it was made galvanizing, respectively, corrosion protection

At present, there is frequent emphasis on the concept of sustainable development and the use of renewable or recyclable materials. Hot dip galvanizing is an effective method of using zinc in protecting steel for long periods of time - saving energy and resources, with minimal impact on the environment. At the end of their lifespan they can be recovered and reused again and again without losing their properties. Therefore, thanks to the possibility of complete recycling of hot dip galvanized products at the end of lifespan a significant contribution to sustainable development is assured.

One can hot dip galvanize products from a very wide size range from parts that can be held in the palm of your hand to large-sized strength beams. Due to the possibility of assembling using nuts and bolts as well as welding the galvanized structures, one can practically hot dip galvanize almost any size of structure. Complex shapes, containers, and most tubular structures can be hot dip galvanized without problems, both on the external and internal surfaces, in a single operation.

Hot dip galvanizing is widely considered as one of the most effective methods of corrosion protection and the most popular system of protection for everything implying outdoor steel structure. The main reason is the cost effective - long life combination.

Hot dip galvanizing has been prescribed for more than 150 years to prevent steel corrosion in the most aggressive environments in a wide range of applications. If hot dip galvanizing was initially considered a means of corrosion protection, it is now more and more prescribed because of low initial cost, durability, longevity, availability, versatility, sustainability and aesthetics..


1.Hot dip galvanizing is the best corrosion protection methods that prevents steel rusting (oxidation), ensuring long product lifetime without requiring maintenance operations. A hot dip galvanized metal object can be stored, transported and used in any natural weather conditions, in air, water, in soil or on soil. In any of these circumstances the role of hot dip galvanization corrosion protection is not affected.

2. Competitive initial cost - as it is a highly mechanized and controlled process, hot dip galvanizing can be performed very economically as processing is achieved in large batches;

3.Long lifetime proven over 70 years in most types of atmospheres, predictable, virtually no maintenance and repair costs;

4.The lowest lifetime cost - initial low cost and long life turn the hot dip galvanizing into the most versatile and economical method of protecting steel for long periods of time (over 25 years);

5.Resistant coating - hot dip galvanizing is unique - coverage obtained form a metallurgical bond with the steel which ensures a much higher damage resistance than other coatings;

6.Processing speed - complete hot dip galvanizing can be applied in just a few hours. An adequate 4-layer paint protection system requires about a week for the application;

7.Consistency - The process is simple and rigorously controlled. The coating thickness is consistent, predictable and easy to prescribe;

8.Full coverage - as the parts are dipped in molten zinc, all surfaces will be covered - inside and outside - including odd corners or tight spaces;

9.Any rust trace is entirely removed;

10.Quick installation on the site - Zinc solidifies immediately after removing the products from the zinc bath, requires no drying time, so they can be galvanized, transported on the site and assembled in one day.