CNC machining is absolutely essential for manufacturing and for Orion is highly important to achieve greater efficiency, more accuracy and lean fabrication. Our commitment is to mechanize and automatize the entire flow for a higher quality and faster delivery.

You can have a view only for a part of our machinery and equipment. This way you can have a first understanding about our technical capabilities in terms of steel structures processing and manufacturing.

We have our gates open to see our team and facilities.


Ernst Deburring machines are designed to remove material almost exclusively from the edge, exactly where burrs, slag and dross exist. Operations: deslagging, deburring, edge braking, edge rounding, oxide removal.

Ficep Gemini

The complete plate processor solution. It handles from light to heavy plates for thermal cutting, marking, drilling, tapping, milling, beveling and more, with unprecedented productivity and accuracy.

Ficep P803

The P lines series includes automatic punching and drilling lines for plates up to 80mm thick. These compact lines are made of a sturdy C-frame which guarantees processing accuracy and long term reliability. The punching line model can also perform drilling and marking operations. The high speed drilling line model instead can also mark, tap and scribe the plate for welding layout marking.

Ficep T series

CNC angle line used for punching, drilling, shearing, programmable miter shearing of flats, programmable notching or marking.

Vernet VF Series

The VF series angle section lines eliminate any preparatory work and automate handling of angle sections and flat bars up to 120mm.

Ficep A series

A series lines are CNC punching and shearing equipment for the processing of angles studied for small and medium size steel construction. These lines provide flexibility and simple use, and are characterized by an innovative infeed roller conveyor system allowing high precision with minimum loss of material.


Lineatech family brings together the range of machines for the automatic cutting process with a purely blowtorch and/or combined with another technology of cutting or machining.


It is a highly efficient automatic hydraulically controlled band-saw with multiple material feed. The band saw machine is designed for cutting in semiautomatic cycle perpendicularly as well as angularly. It enables angle cuts to the left (60 grades) and to the right (60 grades).


The hydraulic combined press scissors for a punched hole and the cabin.

BWE XTS 350 & 500

Comparing with traditional machines, lower heat input makes deeper fusion depth and higher efficiency. It has a unique droplet control technology bringing many benefits, such as excellent gap-bridging ability and function “clear ball” helps to increase success rate of starting arc highly.


Procurement is a key indicator and we choose to supply the raw material in most of the cases with our own truck and vans and even service the transport to the end-user if requested.

Material Handling

Safety is important to us so all indoor facilities are equipped with 5Tons Konecranes overhead cranes and for the outdoor warehouse we transport and load the products for delivery with two Telemac cranes with a loading capacity of 12 Tons each and a small fleet of 6 forklifts with a capacity of 3 Tons.