Your steel structures and hot dip galvanizing partner

Orion is founded in 1992, as turnkey integrator for TV networks cable installation in South-East region of Romania and later fusioned with the American company UPC. In 1994 company diversified its departments and a civil construction section was open with main scope turnkey integrator for GSM site. In Romania, Orion has implemented over 25% of the existing sites for the operators at that moment (Dialog, Connex) and 75% of the Moldovian Republic network for Voxtel (now Orange).
In strong connection with the turnkey sites, in 1998 it was decided to invest in a unit of metalic structures fabrication for towers in order to satisfy quickly with high quality steel products our customers. From 2002 Orion is only steel structures producer and hot dip galvaniser, with periodical investments for production capacities and serve our customers with operations in Europe, Africa, Latin America or Middle East.

At the moment our activity is in the same location since 1998 wich developed as follow:


Create sustainable steel products and processes that surpass our customers’ needs today and for the future.

Strategic Objectives

Short Period – the consolidation of positions acquired by the company in existing markets for action

Medium Term – approach to new markets

Long Term – strong focus on internationalization of the company

Mission and Values

Our Orion team crafts high quality steel structures for our customers in a safe, responsible and profitable manner.

At Orion, our key values of safety, quality, productivity and innovation are the foundation of our business as we work to fulfill our mission of operating in a safe, responsible and profitable manner.

At Orion, safety comes first and we are first in safety. Our industry-leading approach to safety is more than a business objective; it is part of our culture. It is the foundation of all we do and what matters most to us.

We drive continuous improvement of our products, processes and services in order to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.

As a medium size producer of steel structures and hot dip galvanizer Orion operates flexible facilities that help us adapt to ever-changing market conditions and customer needs.

We drive innovation throughout our processes and our products. We build on a longstanding heritage of iguidance in collaboration with our customers to create high-quality steel solutions that surpass our customers’ needs today and for the future.

Responsible producer

Climate change and de-carbonization requires not only the use of new types of technology but also appropriate behaviors towards how we manufacture the products needed in the process of transition to a green economy.

Orion aims to become a sustainable manufacturer of steel structures and thermal galvanizer, an objective that involves the supply of 100% renewable energy to the equipment and installation of HDG plant, a goal of reducing the carbon footprint that we want to achieve in a time horizon of 5 years.

It is important to be proactive and transparent with our customers and also with the community where we operate, so we decided to collect air quality data with a sensor that we mounted near the galvanizing section.

SMOGGIE-PM is an automatic air quality monitor that features a high quality laser sensor for PM1, PM2.5 and PM10 particles and an additional temperature and humidity sensor where the reference parameters are according to the guide of the World Health Organization.

We have live data from two Airly sensors for measuring NO₂, O₃, SO₂, CO emissions. At the last measurements performed by an independent laboratory the results were below the detection limit of the method and the total powders had a value obtained of 0.184 mg / m3 <10 (max. Value conf. GD 1218/2006) the data indicating that our manufacturing processes are in line with environmental standards.

The green / environmental criterion is a significant indicator in the supply chain and we want to have real-time data available.

How it works?

Sensors measure the particulates using the laser method. In the case of gas pollutants, our single device is able to measure two chemical compounds by electro-chemical method. Readings are taken from two cells installed in the gas module of the sensor. Each sensor has a special light diode that changes to clearly show the current air quality using a colour consistent with the CAQI scale.

  • CO, NO₂, O₃, SO₂ – key gas pollutants that our sensors measure
  • GSM – protocol used for data transmission

Quality proven by extensive tests at Airlab-Airparif. Paris, France [Microsensors challenge 2019]. You can find out more about the sensors on their manufacturer’s website.